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What No One Tells You About What Happens After You Lose Weight

May 16, 2016
what happens after you lose weight

For those of you who follow me on my Instagram (@honestlyfitness), you will know that I have been following Progress Pure’s (Molly aka @progresspure) Curve Guide. Remember my review? I have lost about 6% bodyfat as well as gained muscle and definition. I am now doing a mix of the Curve Guide, the Ready to Lift guide as well as random workouts I make up myself. It’s been an interesting couple of months, and I wanted to be really honest with you guys about my experience and to share with you what happens after you lose weight. Continue Reading…

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Salt Burn Studios – The New Crazy Hard Megaformer Workout!

May 11, 2016

The last time I tried a megaformer workout was about three years ago in Orange County, California. I assumed that the workout would be similar to a pilates reformer workout, but boy was I wrong–it’s like pilates reformer on crack! I received an exciting email a couple of weeks ago letting me know that Salt Lake City no had it’s very first megaformer studio, Salt Burn Studios. Continue Reading…


Coming Clean About My Fitness Secrets + Giveaway

May 8, 2016

A bit of a different post today; something more personal and vulnerable. Today I’m ‘coming clean’ about one of my fitness secrets that I’ve never really shared with anyone before.  Continue Reading…